Southwest Earth First!

From Wild Roots Feral Futures:

Wild Roots Feral Futures is very excited to announce a 2.5-day Street Medic training at this year’s WRFF, taught by members of Chicago Action Medical (CAM), Mutual Aid Street Medics (MASM), and Finger Lakes Action Medics (FLAME).

Register for the Street Medic/ine Training now!

National first aid systems in most of the world came out of the medical corps of popular and liberation movements in the 1950s and 1960s. This was also true in the United States, where street medics were operating and training in Mississippi and New York City at least four years before Maryland established the first statewide EMS program.

Street medics are an international informal community who have provided medical support during the last half-century of protests, direct actions, uprisings, and militarized natural disaster aftermaths. Becoming a member of the street medic community involves completing a 20-28 hour training, working at…

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