Zombies, monsters, ghouls, faeries, and other assorted Halloween creatures return to the streets of downtown Durango during the Witching Hour of All Hallows Eve (Midnight, Halloween) to reclaim the streets from the magic-less world and create and occupy space in which anything can happen.

All Halloween creatures are welcome.

Converge at Midnight at College (6th St.) & Main Ave. in Durango. March North up Main to 12th St. and back. (Remember, keep the crowd dense and tight, don’t get thinned out and dispersed! Stick together!)

Zombie after-parties and monster ragers to be announced by word of mouth during the march, so plan your own after-party and get crazy!

The Fun Liberation Front, is everywhere, is no where, is everyone, no one, and any one. Take up this name and liberate your day from wage-slavery, traffic cops, consumption, and boredom. See you in the streets.

(Disclaimer: This unpermitted and underground action has no leaders and no organizers. AnimasSubTerra is but a medium used to channel the netherworld, and is not responsible or accountable for the actions of the various underworld residents unleashed by the opening of this vortex and the casting of this spell.)