From Winona, Minnesota, Breakaway‘s ’Nothing Like A Metaphor’ tour, along with the Wild Nettle Bookmobile, will be stopping in Durango at UniTEA House on Thursday, April 26th at 7pm.

Suggested DONATION:
$5 show
(remember to bring $ for zines too!)

opening artist: Aama Laloni
headliner: Breakaway
closing band: Mollehoj

Breakaway sample tracks:

Years ago, when we were in high school, a couple of us distributed radical media in Winona—we brought zines, music, books, patches, and other anarchist paraphernalia to punk shows, and this sparked our interest in networking with the broader anarchist community. We experimented with screenprinting and making zines, and designed our first website; we would fill orders out of our parents’ houses. When high school ended, these endeavors faded into history. Years later, we dusted off the leftovers of the distro we did in high school, phased out what we weren’t interested in anymore, and started being more strategic about what to distribute. And so, Wild Nettle Distro was born!

We still want anarchist/anti-authoritarian thought and practice to be visible and accessible. We’ve invested energy over the years into setting up at events in our town, traveling with our table around the country, and sending materials around the world. We are dedicated to providing material that anarchists and the anarcho-curious might find relevant and helpful in understanding anarchist/anti-authoritarian thought and practice and applying them to everyday life.

Along with providing our wares for cheap we also work towards providing as much for free as we can handle, and use our resources to help other projects as well. As an anti-capitalist organization we tend to work better within the framework of gift economics (i.e. mutual aid) rather than exchange economics (i.e. capitalism). A lot of what we carry is very cheap or free, and that is because much of it is gifted to us. The money we make goes directly back into sustaining the distro and offering more for free (i.e. zines, newspapers, posters, prisoner support information, stickers, etc.) especially when you meet us face to face.

While we prefer real life interactions, we’ve also resorted to this website that has connected us with many others around the world. Though, in this digital age, we are excited to offer actual, tangible tools that can be passed along by hand and not just interacted with through screens. We feel it is important to find each other in many other ways than the internet so that we have the attention span to learn and fight together.