Against police violence, here and everywhere, and in solidarity with all victims of police brutality around the world…

On the night of Halloween, October 31st 2011, and into the early hours of November 1st, the Durango Police Department used excessive force (pepper spray and bean bag guns, painful and dangerous weapons) against unarmed, peaceful zombie marchers. This kind of unrestrained, irresponsible behavior MUST not be tolerated in our community.

On November 1st, in phase one of our community response to this unacceptably brutal behavior on the behalf of DPD, community members attended the Durango City Council meeting to express concerns during the public comment period, and were laughed at and summarily dismissed by city officials. We are here to say: We will not go away, and we will not be silenced! We demand accountability!

For phase two of our response, we’re calling for a rally against police brutality at Buckley Park, on the corner of 12th Street & Main Avenue in Durango, starting at 2PM this coming Saturday, November 5th. Around 5PM we will march to Fassbinder Park on 17th Street & Main Avenue, home of Occupy Durango*, for a General Assembly.

This date has greater significance in popular culture as well, and actions will be taking place around the world on that day. Let us stand in solidarity with the global uprising currently underway! Join us!

Please bring signs, bannners, sidewalk chalk, noise makers (etc.), your friends, and of course, your indomitable spirit of resistance.

(If you have videos or pictures of last night’s police violence, please upload them to the internet and post them here!)

*The Rally Against Police Brutality is not an Occupy Durango event, though many participants are involved.