#OccupyDurango Friday October 14th & Saturday October 15th,

Fassbinder Park, 17th Street & Main Avenue in Durango, CO

Rally at 4PM Friday October 14th, on the corner of 11th Street & Main Avenue.

March North to Fassbinder Park around 5PM to set up occupation.

Bring tents, sleeping bags, warm clothes, camp chairs, blankets, food, water, musical instruments, other camping supplies, signs, banners, flags, boom boxes, noise makers, your friends, family, and lovers, and your indomitable spirit of resistance!

General Assembly at 4PM on Saturday the 15th

@ #OccupyDurango in Fassbinder Park!

facebook.com/groups/OccupyDurango | OccupyDurango@groups.facebook.com

www.occupytogether.org | occupywallst.org

The initial phase of #OccupyDurango starts this Friday, October 14th with a rally starting at 4PM at 11th Street and Main Avenue in downtown Durango. Around 5PM we will march North on the sidewalks of Main to Fassbinder Park at 17th and Main and begin to #OccupyDurango. We plan to occupy the nights of the 14th and 15th *for starters*, and discuss our next steps together.

We suggest parking your vehicle with your gear near the park, and walking downtown to the rally, so when you march back to the park, you are near your stuff. Bring tents, sleeping bags, warm clothes, food and water, musical instruments, noise makers, boom boxes, flags, signs & banners (and/or supplies to make them), and whatever else you’ll want and need.

Saturday afternoon at 4PM there will be a General Assembly at #OccupyDurango in Fassbinder Park, at which point continuing the occupation will be discussed and a consensus-based decision will be made.