Raise The Stakes! Drugs & Daydreams, Fuck Yes!, & more

5-9 PM, Thurs. Feb. 24th 
@ ARTiculation, aka the GroundUp Arts Collective
1051 East 2nd Avenue in Durango!

An evening of stories, music, and scheming, featuring the author of the
book, Drugs and Daydreams, and the campfire-core songs of Fuck, Yes!!!

Drugs and Daydreams (a hardcover book handbound and made nearly entirely
from stolen, recycled and found materials) mixes stories of long-distance
bicycling trips and petty crime with the question of how to take ideas and
actions that fall outside the confines of convention, and apply them to
help strengthen and defend community.

Fuck, Yes!!! is the project of Gary, an anarchist who has turned a vacant
house into a squat heading into its 10th year, converted a van to run on
waste veggie oil, and has helped maintain an infoshop in his home town of
Salt Lake City, Utah. His songs are drenched in the imagery of traveling
and taking control of one's own surroundings.

Drugs And Daydreams: The Book!

"The most accurate metaphor I've heard for travel is comparing it a love

A love affair thrives upon shattered rules and shattered roles. Upon a
whirlwind that comes by surprise and leaves everything in its path
upturned, transformed.

A feeling beyond the grasp of science. Beyond the map.

This is where I seek to travel.

This is how a love affair begins.

This is how my story begins."

So begins the book...

Part travel romance, part criminal autobiography, Drugs And Daydreams
lingers in the fringes where the wild clashes with the civilized; those
places where conventional notions of geography and travel give way to a
world of one's own design.

From finding a bicycle at a thrift store for $2 and attempting to ride it
1200 miles from the Pacific Northwest to the San Francisco Bay, to
creating a home in a vacant building in New York's Lower East Side, to
seeking the lessons found in observing one's own reflection in the seas of
the California coast, the author infuses these stories with a prose that
questions where exactly the boundaries of the world that we're offered
ends, and where the anarchic and unpossessable world that lies beyond

Dizzying, both in a sense of seeking one's place amongst ungovernable
landscapes and a culture out of balance, as well as in the often nonlinear
voice that frequently transcends and weaves between the seams of place,
time and subject.

This book compiles three self-published zines, Drugs And Daydreams, Here
Civilization Ceased, and Bring On The Dancing Horses, previously released
on stolen photocopies and distributed on cross-country hitchhiking trips.


All books are handbound by the author within individually relief-printed
hard covers.

A portion of all book sales will be given to support earth- and animal-
liberation prisoners.


a brief explanation...

The book, Drugs And Daydreams, is a compilation of self-published zines
put out over the past 10 years. though there are no actual mentions of
drugs (with the sole exception of some weed found while dumpster diving)
but rather drugs are used as a metaphor to describe the sensations of the
three different bicycle trips that make up the stories in this book, the
first trip from portland down the coast to san francisco, the second an
ill-fated trip beginning in san francisco and ending in a crashed bike
above the mountainous rolling hills of big sur, and the third a bike ride
from vermont up to maine and down to an island of wild horses on the
maryland eastern shore.

Written in a style that hovers between prose and excitement-infused
recountings of the people, places, interactions, solitudes and cathartic
moments along the way, the stories and voice find value in the
unconventional aspects of travel - sleeping on grocery store rooftops,
sneaking into hot tubs and casino hotel buffets, and at one point, staying
for an extended period in a squatted vacant community center with friends
who have created a lifestyle existing in the cracks of the
corporate-dominated landscape of new york city.

In fact, the book is very much a concerted effort to make sense of living
ethically and meaningfully within a culture that is being targeted by
corporate and profit-driven economics, and much of the later writing
contemplates how to seek healthy relationships inside this culture that
tries to split healthy communities.

In a fashion attempting to retain the ethics and do-it-yourself enthusiasm
and accessibility of zines, each book is constructed by hand from the bare
materials: from the scammed photocopies and handsewn signatures that make
up the page blocks, to the hand-cut coverboard, to the individually
relief-printed covers and the screen-printed spine cloth.