Update: 2nd Tim DeChristopher Solidarity Rally Planning/Organizing Meeting

Earth  First! Durango is hosting a second open, public planning/organizing  meeting regarding a solidarity action/protest/rally to coincide with the  Tim DeChristopher trial in Salt Lake City, UT. Actions will be  happening in SLC as well as around the nation and around the world.  Let's put Durango on the map!

At the recent 2/13 meeting at  Durango Coffee Co., those present consented to a solidarity rally  starting at 4PM, Monday, February 28th, on the corner of 11th & Main,  and that the rally will feature at least one but perhaps multiple mock  trials, where costumed representatives of the natural world will put  various extractive industries and corporations on trial for their  "crimes" against the Earth.

Also consented to at the 2/13 meeting  was a second meeting on 2/20 starting at 3PM at a private residence, 21  Rio Vista Circle in Durango, to further plan and organize the mock  trial street theater. We're asking folks to brainstorm appropriately  themed mock trials and roles and come to the meeting prepared to discuss  their ideas, assign roles & tasks, and come to group consensus  regarding our plan and course of action. We may also begin the  construction of costumes, props, signs, banners, etc.

A break-out  research working group will also be meeting this coming Thursday at  2:30 PM at Magpie's on the corner of 7th St. & Main Avenue in  Durango to research Tim's case and the extractive industries &  corporations we wish to target in our mock trial street theater. Anyone  is welcome to join us. Bring your lap top computer if you have one, in  order to facilitate on-line, on-the-spot research.

A  pre-rally, energy raising social event (aka party) will also be taking  place the evening of Sunday, February 27th on County Road 205, including  live music! This will also serve as a last-minute costume, prop, sign  and banner (etc.) making gathering. Contact earthfirstdurango@riseup.net for details.

Please spread the word  and join us to coordinate a solidarity action/demonstration here in  Durango. See you there!

—Earth First! Durango

Bidder 70 Trial – the trial of Tim DeChristopher In December 2008, Tim DeChristopher disrupted an oil and gas auction to allay further climate change. By registering as a bidder, Tim drove up prices on many parcels and eventually won over a million dollars worth of oil leases before federal agents removed him from the room. He faces 10 years in prison. Tim’s trial will be held in downtown Salt Lake City on February 28th, and we are organizing many opportunities for those who wish to defend a livable future to do so on a variety of levels. The Countdown to Uprising Empowerment Summit begins on February 25th and will include interactive workshops, concerts, art, demonstrations, speakers, wild street theater, nonviolent direct action trainings, and more. If you have any more ideas for creative actions, workshops, speakers, street theater or stunts, contact us at climatetrial@peacefuluprising.org and we’ll be in touch. For those who can’t make it to Salt Lake City, there will also be solidarity actions held across the country. Click here for more.
http://www.peacefuluprising.org/ http://www.bidder70.org/