Sunday, February 27 · 8:00pm
The Full Moon House
1397 County Road 205
Durango, CO

Join the Albuquerque Boys Choir, The Good Ship S.S. Perry, dem bones, and other assorted grassroots campfire musicians for a night of fun and music under the stars.

We’re currently seeking other folk, old-timey, and bluegrass musicians to come jam acoustically and contribute to the celebration and revelry.

As always, this event is 100% FREE, but we encourage donations to the AbqBC (who is coming from out of town to play for us!) to help cover travel expenses.


Albuquerque Boys Choir:

Albuquerque NM, United States (2009 – present)

Not to be confused with the Albuquerque Boy Choir.

The Albuquerque Boys Choir began March fourth in the year 2009. Bethany Delahunt, Stef Graner, and Christy Cook realized suddenly that they must start a band out of necessity. They were engaged to play several shows already, and what must needs be done, must need be done. And so it was. They labored under various combinations of the three words “beans”, “and”, and “rice” until finally deciding they had nothing to do with food whatsoever (apart from the fact that they ate it regularly — though not always as a band).


Swish! We like to make music. With us or with you! Email us at: Check out this blog to read about all our map-cap adventures while on tour!

The Good Ship S.S. Perry

dem bones