The Beehive Design Collective presents their True Costs of Coal graphic

4-6PM, Saturday, December 4th, 2010 @ the GroundUp Arts Collective, 1051 East 2nd Avenue in Durango

After two years of collaborative research, storysharing, metaphor crafting, and meticulous illustrating, the bees have completed an epic illustration about mountaintop removal coal mining!

In 2008, the Beehive Design Collective allied with Appalachian grassroots organizers fighting Mountain Top Removal Coal Mining, a highly destructive practice that blasts ancient mountains into toxic moonscapes to fuel the ever-growing global demand for electricity. This graphic reflects the complexity of the struggles for land, livelihood, and self-determination playing out in Appalachia, while honoring the tremdendous history of organized resistance and the courage of communities living in the shadow of Big Coal.

Our team of volunteer illustrators and educators have collaborated with hundreds of grassroots groups and folks from around the world to create this visually stunning graphic multi-tool for activists and ordinary people seeking real solutions to energy extraction and climate change!

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Musical performaces by holy!holy!holy! (cascadia), dem bones (junktown), and various local friends and comrades

6-11PM, Saturday, December 4th, 2010 @ the GroundUp Arts Collective, 1051 East 2nd Avenue in Durango

All ages. No drugs/alcohol. $1-$20 sliding scale donation. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds. All proceeds go to benefit Earth First! Durango and the GroundUp Arts Collective.

Resistance Rising!

Resistance Rising is a look into our lives with an incomplete but comprehensive critique with a foundation in primitivist thought. To be a radical, is to be at the root, to search for the foundations of the systems of control, and to dismantle them. At this point, leftism has proven itself to be reliant upon failing, and worse yet, grounded in the maintenance of systematic manipulation. We, as radicals, must g…o deeper, and began to cast off our ideological shackles that have bound us to a history of repetition and drudgery. Resistance is not revolution. Revolution, even the most radical ones we have been taught about, at times requires ideologies that bind us into boxes, crushing any creativity and true desire, secretly creating hierarchies of importance with our own lives. Resistance comes from a deeper, more primal place.

As anarchists, we must look through the lens of history at face value. We should not accept that our struggle is the struggle of a working class, or any class, rather, a complete and total abandonment of class structure. We seek to find anti-authoritarian, participatory paths of deconstruction of not only capitalism, but civilized hierarchy itself. The discussions we have set forth focus on a range of topics, with this as our foundation.

Radical Parenting for those with and without children: A discussion about raising lives together, and stopping the cycles of domestication.

Poetics beyond the spectacle: Using language as a tool, not a crutch. Art as resistance, not commodity. Destroy the academy!

Anti-Civ Philosophy/Primal Action: using a grounding of anti-civ thought to move into actions and discourse.

Insurrectionary Primitive!: maintaining primal war critiques within the current fields of resistance. Black Bloc, occupations, illegalism and solidarity with global insurrection.

Rising Above Ground/Strengthening the Underground: understanding our intent, and using our leverage above ground to provide support for the underground.

This Screaming Earth: of mountain tops and ocean floors: environmental issues, the falsity of “going green”, the current resistance (ELF, ALF, EF!, other), and what we believe.

END:CIV: Film This Groundbreaking film, by Franklin Lopez of takes 5 of the premises of Endgame, by Derrick Jensen, and delves in depth those ideas. It goes far beyond the standard Jensen line, and brings in some of the strongest voices of the indigenous resistance and the deep green resistance.

workshops followed by performances by HOLY!HOLY!HOLY!, barely-free partial prisoners, and other assorted friends!…

The fucking return….

holy!holy!holy! is back, two thousand miles away, and even more cop hating and life loving than ever before. We are looking forward to playing with our new members, Quentin on fiddle, Kevin on saw/banjo and Gnossos on drums, and possibly getting together with some of the OG’s of the tribe this fall. Be sure of this, we are ready to fuck shit up!

we are holy!holy!holy!. We have been forged in the primal war of domestication. We defy these ways. We despise these streets, these schools, these occupations called work. We are wildness, and will dismantle the civilized destructive forces that have controlled our world. There are many worlds, with many languages. They will tell their children, that despite how hard they looked, they never saw us coming…

we are without history if not for the history of struggle. what you have heard from us in the past was the history of the working class, the history of americana. we are now neither. while some of us work, and all of us recognize class war, that is to say the attack on the poor and the resistance to the rich, we are not a class. we are classless, nationless, even governmentless in our love. we have no representation but our ability to fight with joy and rage for our lives. the music we now play is and should be always, dangerous and violent. it is violent not in the way that the state is violent, but in the way the spring kills the winter. in the way that making love is violent. in the way that a song in a prison cell is violent. we are dangerous because we are not likened to compromise, but growth, not silence but rapture of suffering. the Roma people’s have breathed into us, and we exhale to you. Let us fuck shit up together, and dance on the graves of capitalism.

We have suffered the indignity of domestication for far too long. From our births in stale hospitals, surrounded by false light and sound, wrapped in sterile blankets of “security” (remember smallpox) and hooked up to machines, fed chemicals and taught not to trust….anything, until we have taken back our lives, we have been processed. We are the outcrop of generations of control, and we have seen how that system is cancer in our worlds. Little more than a breath of fresh air, surrounded by life of rocks, trees, and animal kin, swayed by the dying cries of a river abused, has been enough to remind us that we are alive. ALIVE! Taking our days and nights back, by casting off schools and work, we have begun the journey through layers of distraction and city grime, and this journey is one with no end, but many fulfillments. A journey with no goal, but a thousand victories. Our children have taught us much, and we have seen the burning fires inside, they are growing.

the great gay jew poet god of sorts Allen Ginsberg deemed everything to be holy!holy!holy! taking the world and it’s splendor back from those who wish to contain us as marketable or unmarketable entities. we are all holy!

we are nothing if not a live experience. throw your hands up scream your face off to the skies…I AM ALIVE!!! Catch us at your local collective space, protest and riot.

(This event is also a release party for Fire To The Prisons #10 (Winter 2010/2011))