Please join us for The Lapiz Project benefit PARTY on Thursday November 11th @ Carver’s Brewing in Durango.

The night includes:

LIVE MUSIC by local bluegrass heros WAITING ON TRAIL and local love DJ SMILEY COYOTE

GEAR SWAP! Drop off gear at Carver’s back patio at 3pm. You set the price for your gear. Pick up gear or cash at 9pm. You keep 80% of the sale price, 20% goes to The Lapiz Project.

If you’re interested in displaying a piece, please contact for details. All artists will receive 80% of selling price.

RAFFLE! Cool prizes donated by local businesses!

All proceeds benefit The Lapiz Project…

More info about The Lapiz Project:

Collaborating across borders to encourage and defend healthy land, community and education. The project was started by Travis Custer and Gretchen Groenke. We will be headed to La Garnacha, Nicaragua in December to support the efforts of this small community to provide a strong education for it’s children, to continue the cultivation of it’s 30 year old organic farm, and to share information about biodiversity and land conservation with visitors and locals alike.

The Lápiz Project is motivated by the present state of the Earth and dedicated to the children who will inherit all that we leave behind.

The project has taken shape through dialogue with our friend Carlos, a Nicaraguan artist working to create social change and environmental awareness.  Through communication with Carlos, we have come to know some of the dreams, goals and needs of the village of La Garnacha, Nicaragua, where Carlos lives and works.  We share similar priorities and motivations to cultivate knowledge and self-sufficiency in the local worlds in which we both live.  On behalf of his community, Carlos has extended us an invitation to bring the support of The Lápiz Project to La Garnacha.

The Lápiz (“pencil” in Spanish) Project is rooted in the ideas of empowering children to open up their creative minds, to extend their hands in cooperation, and to better connect with the natural world in which they live.  We will begin with the simple step of providing children with basic tools of education and creation, starting with pencils and paper — items in short supply in La Garnacha. Beyond this easily-achievable goal of empowering children with these educational and creative opportunities, Lápiz also strives to promote strong community practices, which include an increased awareness and appreciation for the natural world.

The Lápiz Project is a collaboration of international solidarity, equality and community.  All funding has been raised through private donations.  With the support of friends, family and community, we will take Lápiz  south this winter and work to address the dreams, goals and needs of La Garnacha as identified by the community itself.  By concentrating on land, community and education we will share our knowledge, resources, and support while also learning a great deal about ourselves, our lives and how to better participate within our communities. The goal is to share as much as we can to address the struggles of La Garnacha, while also gaining knowledge relevant to life everywhere; knowledge that will help us move more skillfully towards a healthier connection to land and people.

In turn, we would like to share this opportunity with an extended audience, including you and anyone with whom you may choose to share it.  Follow the journey here at our website. We will update it as often as we can with photos and reflections while in Nicaragua.  You can also reach us by email at with any questions or comments.

The Lápiz Project exists as a bridge for the mobilization of common resources and knowledge amongst people, as a channel for action, and in solidarity with families and community everywhere.  It is a conscious effort to change the way we approach our lives, and to overcome the borders that too often fuel separation and oppression.  We believe that if we begin by addressing the needs and dreams of children, our collective future will be strengthened.

As identified by the people of La Garnacha, the goals of The Lápiz Project within the community are:

  • To ensure children are equipped with necessary school supplies
  • To repair the primary school building
  • To build an edible, educational garden at the primary school
  • To create useable spaces for work, group projects, and education within La Garnacha and the Tisey-Estanzuela Nature Reserve
  • To promote an increased understanding and value toward the natural world
  • To maintain infrastructure on the organic farm Finca Orgánica El Carrizo
  • To expand and strengthen connections to marketplaces for organic produce

Under the guidance of, and in conjunction with the people of La Garnacha, we hope to provide the necessary resources and available hard working hands to bring these goals to reality.