Evenings on Eighth is a community fair featuring local artists, live music, kids activities, local food and drink, and a mid-week Farmer’s Market, all with an emphasis on sustainability. Evenings on Eighth will occupy Eighth Street between the railroad tracks and Main Avenue, and will be held every Wednesday night this summer from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. beginning June 23 and continuing through September 29.

Evenings on Eighth will delight the whole family while giving community artisans, musicians, and restaurateurs a chance to showcase their locally produced wares. Every Wednesday, live music will begin at 5:30 p.m. and will feature local bands ranging from rockabilly to bluegrass to African dance. A different band will play each week. Durango Brewing Co., Ska, Steamworks, and Carvers will each take turns on different weeks serving their spectacular locally brewed beer. Guy Drew Vineyard from McElmo Canyon will also be serving a variety of locally grown and produced wines. Local food vendors will present the best of the Durango street food scene, with goodies ranging from hot dogs to tacos to ice cream. Each week, a different selection of local arts and crafts will be displayed by the region’s extremely talented pool of artists. Art displayed will range from fine art to jewelry to clothing. Also in the works is a weekly hands-on art exhibit, giving adults and children alike a chance to try their hands as budding artists. Kids will find plenty of activities to keep them entertained, such as a giant checkerboard, oversized building blocks, and bubble ring-making. Another exciting feature of Evenings on Eighth is the brand new Wednesday night Durango Farmer’s Market. If folks can’t make it to the Saturday morning market, the mid-week Farmer’s Market gives them another chance to pick up fresh, locally grown produce, eggs, meat, and cheese from the area’s farmers.

Evenings on Eighth was created by Eco Logic Events, a sustainably-minded event planning service based in Durango. Keeping in line with Eco Logic’s goal of creating as little environmental impact as possible, Evenings on Eighth will recycle and reuse all materials and waste generated by the event. For example, instead of using disposable, non-biodegradable plastic beer cups, participants are invited to purchase a reusable collectable glass made from a Guy Drew Vineyard wine bottle. Eighth Street is right around the corner from the Durango Transit Center, and a stone’s throw from the river trail, making transportation via trolley, bike, or foot a breeze, minimizing the event’s carbon imprint.

Entrance to Evenings on Eighth Street is free.