Resident Anti-Hero is committed to the ongoing development of a contemporary mythology that is both politically aware, and soundly folkloric. Through the use of music, extended metaphor, and storytelling, the band offers an in-depth narrative encompassing issues of world politics, environmental awareness, social justice, survivalism, and sustainable living. The fictional world of Resident Anti-Hero and the Anti-Hero Underground is intended to be an ongoing mythological journey, exemplifying and critiquing the world it was created within.

Resident Anti-Hero is a unique fusion of literature and sound. Sonically, the group is a fusion of otherground hip-hop & electronica, mixed with a dub technique. Literarily, the project incorporates a novelistic theme of speculative fiction together with lyric-based poetry. The band’s affinity for instrumentation and effects allows for a distinctive and incomparable Live PA show. Resident Anti-Hero was founded in the rainy forests of the America’s Pacific Northwest by artists/activists concerned with raising political awareness, and combating the lack of relevant culture heroes in modern day society. Resident Anti-Hero’s special breed of sub-terranian guerrilla-hop has been combating machine culture since 2002. |

The Anti-Hero Underground is a vast network of militant survivalists at war with the provinces of Mechanopolis and all of machine culture. Living deep in the Outlands, beyond reach of The Biosphere, the Anti-Heroes exist in small sustainable base camps throughout the unsettled terrain.

The first Anti-Heroes originated during the post-modern industrial climb, soon after the rise of Mechanopolis and the machine empire. Seeking to regain basic fundamentals of life, the original Anti-Heroes left the confines of an oppressive imperialistic society that threatened to destroy the natural landbase. Rejecting the monotony of mechanized culture, the Anti-Heroes sought to reconnect with nature and physical labor; determined, resourceful, and firm-willed, they carved a niche for themselves amidst what was left of the great trees, near the Elwha River basin. After living peacefully for several years in isolation, the Anti-Heroes and their settlement were discovered by government cyborgs during an experimental training exercise. During the brief skirmish that followed, several of the Anti-Heroes were killed. The remaining survivors fled deeper into the Outlands, evading capture. Presumed wounded or dead, the survivors of the original Elwha River Skirmish were discarded, minimally cited in the government database as ‘derelict humans’ occupying a ‘rogue settlement’. Although the machines deemed the skirmish as an isolated incident of little or no significance, it was in fact the turning point for the Anti-Hero Movement. Survivors of the Elwha River Skirmish became more organized and militant, shifting their focus from that of isolation to confrontation. The Anti-Hero Underground was formed.

Throughout the following decades the Anti-Heroes grew in size, populating the Outlands and gaining momentum by way of subversive recruitment. In house birth rates gave life to new generations of pure Anti-Heroes, and a counter-offensive was launched against the machines. As a result, the provinces of Mechanopolis officially declared war on the Anti-Hero Underground- to this day the conflict remains bloody and ongoing.

At present, the Anti-Heroes find themselves facing a new, highly evolved enemy. Having already turned humans into mechanized worker-bee-sheep-zombies, machines and machine culture now struggle to maintain their power in a system that benefits only a small number of wealthy and privileged elite. This privileged class makes up only ten percent of the Mechanopolian population; they themselves are humans with cybernetic upgrades that prolong life span and increase the efficiency of most biological functions (technology originally pioneered by the former United States military in the early 1990’s). Through infiltration and covert espionage, the provinces of Mechanopolis attempt to wipe out the Anti-Heroes, who are all that stands in the way of the machines and their plans for widespread industrial progress. Through hard work, discipline and sustainable forms of living, The Anti-Hero Underground continues to fight against the machines in hopes of one day witnessing the fall of Mechanopolis, and all of its provinces.

Resident Anti-Hero is the artistic vanguard of The Anti-Hero Underground. Deployed on strategic touring routes in open minded communities throughout the world, we operate as the mouth piece of the movement. Through relaying progress reports of the war and it’s battles, as well as implementing the chief values of survival and resistance, we seek to raise awareness and gain support for the cause. All proceeds received by the band and it’s members go directly to The Anti-Hero Underground.