As you may or may not have heard, the Dirty Hands Collective, and thus Durango Food Not Bombs, has to find a new place to live (FNB will be cooking at ARTiculation beginning in June!). Our landlord isn’t renewing our lease again. Damn the man! (Update: We found a place out by Turtle Lake! But we need roommates! Hit us up for more info:


Anyways, we’ve accumulated a ton of stuff over the last few years, with so many random folks coming and going from our small collective house. Now, as we prepare to move, it’s time to divest ourselves of it. We know you got a bunch of crap you wanna divest yourselves of as well. Well, now’s your chance!

We are calling on our friends all allies in Durango and the surrounding area to join us on the morning of Sunday, May 30th for a benefit fundraiser yard sale. We encourage folks to bring stuff they’d like to sell, contributing as much of the profits as you’d like to FNB.

If you’re reading this and aren’t in Durango, or would just like to contribute without having to stop by, you can email for a mailing address where well-concealed cash can be sent. Solidarity not charity!

On the evening of the Saturday the 29th we’ll be having a potluck and moving out party, then having the yard sale in the morning on Sunday the 30th, regular FNB Sunday afternoon, and a house cleaning party later Sunday evening. We must have EVERYTHING out and the house COMPLETELY spotless by noon on the 31st. Please come help out! We made this mess together, and only together can we clean it up!

Spread the word! Hope to see you there!

-The Dirty Hands Collective
-Durango Food Not Bombs